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Canned Food Can Offer Cheaper Nutrients

These screenshots are from a Time article on a Conference Poster on a study that evaluated the cost of nutrition sourced from fresh, dried, frozen and canned foods. You will find more information in my Google+ posts. Time article on a Conference Poster

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Dynamic Commodities – Winner at Anuga International Food Exhibition.

Dynamic Commodities won the first prize in the Fine Foods Category of Anuga’s innovation forum, Taste ’09 for its bits of juice.



from: Dynamic Food
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This product consists of the frozen juice sacs of citrus fruit. One of the uses identified in the site above, is to sprinkle juice sacs over food in place of squeezing the juice from a quarter of a lemon.

An amazing technology with the fruit being peeled and segmented before cryogenic freezing.The frozen segments are then “shattered” releasing the frozen intact juice sacs.

Makes one wonder if this was a technology looking for a niche market after being found to be too expensive as frozen fruit product.

Dynamic Commodities are also in the speciality frozen desert market through their range of fruit / sorbet deserts manufactured by Island Way Sorbet.

Suppliers Website

Island Way Sorbet Products.jpg

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They are located in the Coega Industrial Development Zone and have partnered with South African government organisations that support industrial development including the Department of Trade and Industry and the Industrial Development Corporation.