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Cool Drinks For The Pub

It's interesting when you think about it that there are no non alcoholic drinks especially made for consumption in an environment where many people are drinking speciality alcoholic drinks. That's so long as you leave out alcohol free beer and sparkling wine.

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So Instead of having that cream soda or coke in the bar you can try Original, Fire, Ice and Thunder in these attractive metalcised bottles. The drinks are apple based with complex dry and bitter flavours giving a sophisticated premium alternative.

Freeze Concentration – Equipment Series

A while back I wrote about pressure processing which was driven by the “fresher flavour” of juice that is not heated. Freeze concentration is driven by the same quality concerns and is an alternative to concentration by boiling off water. 

IFT Web Article on FReeze Concentrationclick the image to visit the website 

This article from the Institute of Food Technologists covers freeze concentration in a few pages giving information on the process and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the technology 

Interesting is that the energy needed to melt a kg of ice is several times lower than that required to evaporate a kg of water. In these days of high energy costs and carbon footprints this would seem to be an advantage. However, the freeze concentrator can not be run in mutiple effect plants which allows an evaporator with sufficient effects to use almost the same energy. 

Even more disadvantageous, is that the freeze concentrator is often unable to reach the concentration required and a thermal evaporator has to be used as a finisher. 


Amazing Food Products

These two products are so weird but yet so simple that I can’t resist putting up a post on them.

The first is Sipaah, a straw that imparts flavour to pure milk.


Unistraw | The Good Energy Straw.jpg

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The straw has filters at both ends which are packed with beads that dissolve the flavours in the milk as you drink.

So you buy plain milk and you x children can each have their chosen flavoured milk just by using a different store. Presumably drinking with two or more straws would produce those modern mixed flavours, what about chocolate and banana.

As often the case this rather frivolous idea offers more serious applications like drinking yogurt straws that ad probiotics and medicinal applications.

Then there is the antitheft lunchbag:


Protect Your Sandwich With The Anti-theft Lunch Bag _ TreeHugger.jpg

from: TreeHugger
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I don’t suppose that needs anything more and maybe this doesn’t have a serious application like the UNI Straw!