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Foie Gras Threatens France/German Relationships – 5 Months in Bourgogne V

The exchange between France and Germany, that drew in two French ministers and has been running for two or three weeks has now gone public. It arises from the massive Cologne based Aguna Exhibition banning Foie Gras producers from the exhibition, in response to the pressure from animal rights groups protesting the force feeding of geese.

Les producteurs de foie gras non grata au salon agroalimentaire de Cologne  Vidéo du journal televise

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This premier channel news report raises the issues of French history, culture and gastronomy, even finding German retailers highlighting the double standards that ignore the animal cruelty associated with many other food industries.

The heart of the issue is an expensive delicacy that is associated with the greatest meals and celebrations in France. For the proper appreciation of pâté made from foie gras it needs to be accompanied by a specific white wine and even cut with a boxed knife reserved for the task.

Africa’s Big Seven Exhibition

Two weeks after the end of the 2010 World Cup, Johannesburg hosts the annual conglomeration of Food Processing exhibitions. This minimizes transport costs and allows attendance at seven exhibitions in a week.

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Last year the exhibition which displayed the wares of 401 exhibitors from 39 countries was visited by almost 12 000 visitors from 45 countries.