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A Practical & Understandable Food Quality Manual For Small Processors

While it is true that the food quality requirements that will apply to your business are a function of your consumer and the local regulations, this manual written for Romania within the context of the EU market, offers a very useful view of food hygiene, safety for small processors and online food safety course.

Clip of web document covering Food Safety & Hygene

from: Fundatia-Adept
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The manual consists basically of the answers to 23 frequently asked questions, that cover a wide range of topics. It also presents the range of regulation and where to source them, gives an example of an application form and label information.

It also 3 issues that guide how a small business would approach having for the first time to apply regulation in their business.

1. The small producer is responsible for the health of those who consume his products. The two main principles are food hygiene and food traceability.

To continue selling your food, you must fulfill certain food safety rules, which include: registration, and meeting production standards

2. The new regulations are simplified for small producers, especially in areas with specific geographical disadvantages.

Small producers do not need to meet the same production standards as industrial producers. This is EU and Romanian Government policy, to help small producers survive:
• the authorities will be flexible as regards the utensils and safety measures which are imposed on small producers, as long as they meet minimum food hygiene conditions
• requirements will be adapted in order to support traditional production methods and to support producers in areas with specific geographical disadvantages.

3. Funding and free advice are available to help small producers to meet their new obligations, to continue their activities and to prosper in the EU.

Together these form a system under which small processors who were previously not covered by hygiene regulations can enter the formal system.


Centre for the Promotion of Exports from Developing Countries (CBI)

The Centre for the Promotion of Exports from Developing Countries (CBI) is established by the EU to facilitate importers from Developing Countries.


While its focus is wide it does have specific focuses on Food Ingredients, Organic Foods, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Preserved Fruit and Vegetables etc. Within these sections there are detailed market reports, information on regulations and standards, databases of suppliers and services , links, information on CBI projects, news and reports.

The information is free to developing country and only requires a cost free, short registration.