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National Mission on Food Processing – Free Online Information

The National Mission on Food Processing is an Indian web site that provides very detailed information for food processing entrepreneurs on a wide range of food products.

A webpage offering detailed food processing business information

from: National Mission on Food Procesing
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The site provides wide ranging information including product and process descriptions as well as costing and financial analysis. It is focused on the needs of smaller and start up entrepreneurs, although the information would be valuable to any processor. Some 110 product are covered in this manual.

Unfortunately, the information and especially the suppliers and costing is developed for application in India. However, it is still a useful source of information for any entrepreneur.

Manual For Entrepreneurs: Food Processing Industry – Free Online Information

This is a free 200 page manual developed for Food Processing entrepreneurs in India.


Since it’s written for Indian entrepreneurs a lot of the business information is only really applicable in India, but there is still a lot of interest. This free version was written around 2000, so if the numbers in the overview of the food industry are important you would be advised to buy a newer version.

The scope of the manual as indicated by the table of contents:

1. The Food Processing Sector in India
2. The Impact of Policy on Enterprises
3. Who is an Entrepreneur?
4. Soft Skills for Entrepreneurs
5. Planning a Small-Scale Unit: Whom to Approach for What
6. Business Opportunity Identification
7. Market Survey Tools, Preparation of Schedule and Techniques of Data Collection
8. Production Programme, Plant Capacity, ManpowerRequirements and Layout
9. Business Plan Format for Tiny and Small Enterprises
10. The Financials of a Project Report
11. Assessing Financial Viability of the Project
12. Bookkeeping and Accounting and Financial Statements
13. Costing and Pricing of Products
14. Working Capital Management 14515. Marketing Management
16. Applied Management in Business: Learning from Existing Businesses
17. Legal Requirements
18. Support Institutions for Promotion of Food Processing Sector

Rather India focussed annexures include many contacts as well as a more general list of references and suggested reading.

The manual is very practical and detailed with many checklists, forms, case studies and financial calculations to assist the entrepreneur to cover all necessary aspects of setting up an enterprise.

The manual does not provide food processing information, only providing a list of potential technology and equipment suppliers


I have a lot of admiration for entrepreneurs. It can be tough and stressful road creating a business that will grow and last.


SME Blog_ The good, the bad and the entrepreneurial.jpg

from: SMME-Blog.net
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Over the last 18 years I’ve worked for both small entrepreneurial businesses and large established organisations. Small entrepreneurial businesses are one of the most exciting to be involved with despite being hugely challenging. Fresh and innovative ideas are often brought to life in a free spirited and flexible environment.

If you look at the table at the side you’ll see typical key areas listed that are associated with an entrepreneurial business, but are they all good and are some downright bad?

The answer to the above is actually quite simple. The truth is that it depends where the business is in its life. For new small entrepreneurial businesses the above list is common, but as the company grows it needs to develop and change. For example, with 3 employees the above list is just fine. Multiple the employees by a hundred to 300 and with the above list melt down will result unless there is swift change in key areas. Here is the rub of course. As the business grows it needs to develop and change, but making change is a painful process and gets avoided. However, you just cannot avoid change if you want your business to grow and there are methods to make it less painful.