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The African Market/Solar Garden

Over the years I have seen many attempts, and been involved in some myself, where there has been an attempt to introduce vegetable production in resource poor communities. This one – The African Market Garden (AMG) seems to address a number of the problems I saw and refreshingly provides some hard information on costs and incomes.

A System of Horticulture Production Based on Irrigation and the Minimisation of Running Costs

from: MASHAV
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The model seems to be most often attributed to ICRISAT but is being developed in a number of areas by organisations including Stanford & Ben Gurion Universities, MASAV, CIGAR and AVRDC.

In a sense its a very simple blending of simple technologies to provide a solution that matches the needs and circumstances of the poor farmers involved.

  • drip irrigation to minimise the amount of water required
  • the optimisation of production through crop selection and training
  • the balancing of household use and sale for income
  • solar energy to eliminate running costs such as electricity or diesel
  • an affordable capital cost

No new technology in that! just implementation!

The question is how have so many projects, which presented similar simple models, not managed to succeed – I believe its the commitment and dedication of the right people.

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