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Canned Food Can Offer Cheaper Nutrients

These screenshots are from a Time article on a Conference Poster on a study that evaluated the cost of nutrition sourced from fresh, dried, frozen and canned foods. You will find more information in my Google+ posts. Time article on a Conference Poster

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Indigenous Plants in the Preservation of Smoked Fish

This is another great article from the African Journal of Food, Agriculture
, Nutrition and Development. 

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It further promotes the potential of the chemical ingredients of indigenous plants. The study clearly show that Piper guinensis is the most effective within the experimental setup. 
It would, however, be nice if there was a bit of information about the nature, dosage and availability of Piper guinensis. A quick look at Wikipedia indicates that it is a strong pepper like spice that would produce a spicy fish which might not suite all and that it is rather scarce and highly valued. 
But very encouraging and worthy of some feasibility evaluation.