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Do Food Processors Give Consumers Less Than They Think.

The finding of this study reported on in Science Daily raises the question of how well the food manufacturers are, or want to educate the consumer to understand what their products contain and how this compares to other products.

Bottled tea beverages may contain fewer polyphenols than brewed tea.jpg

from: Science Daily
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So the consumer has understood correctly that the antioxidants (mainly polyphenols) in tea are good for them. Wanting tastier and more convenient sources of polyhenols they try and start to use bottled tea based beverages.

But what health benefit are the processors giving them – as always that depends, but a recent study by Shiming Li, a natural product chemist at WellGen Inc showed that bottled teas have polyphenols as low as 5% of a brewed cup of tea. This means that the antioxidant benefit of 1 cup of tea would be equivalent to 20 bottles of this tea.

Besides missing the health benefits bottled teas contain sugar, additives which means that drinking the large volumes to get the antioxidants can have other negative effects on the diet.

How many other products reflect a similar situation where the consumer is not really aware of what they are getting. Many fruit juice blend proclaim “100 % pure juice” not clearly noting the addition of water. Amarula Cream leads consumers to think it is produced from fruit collected in the community but in fact only a small fraction of the alcohol is. The actual quantity of sugar in carbonated beverages is not well understood. Organic, free range, corn fed and other similar terms related to “new age” foods are also not well understood and the certification of compliance is completely unclear to the consumer.

Think about it and email me your examples which I will publish!

Consumers Design Chip/Crisp Flavour

I bought this interesting packet of potato chips (crisps to others) a few days ago as I was interested to see the face of a white housewife seemingly advertising chips on the supermarket shelf.


photo by Dave Harcourt
(Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License)


However it turns out to be something quite different which seems to me to be an interesting take on product design.

Simba have set up a competition allowing consumers to design their own flavours and submit these for consideration. The competition brought in 180 000 suggestions which were reduced to 20 and eventually the 4 winners now appearing online ready for your vote.

Simba What_s Your Lekker Flavour - Home.jpg

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There was also competition on the supplier side with flavour houses being challenged to come up with flaours for the new products.

The winner will receive R 200 000 and 1% of all sales of the product for its life. The public voting for their preferred flavour can win weekly prizes of R 500 and two prizes from the final draw of R 50 000.

What do I think about it? – a brilliant marketing and product definition exercise but unfortunately although the Look up and Run Chicken had a new and interesting flavour, any taste of snoek or achaar were missing from Brendan Johnston’s chip!

By the way Walkie Talkie in this case refers to chicken heads and feet! which are also called Look Up and Runs. So a nice South African feel to the competition!

It will be interesting to see how it develops from here. Let me know what you think of this and watch this blog or subscribe to the RSS feed to hear how this develops.