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Colourants in Food

This article in Food Navigator

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which covered a range of interesting issues in food colouring including the relation between depth of colour and the perception of sweetness, the real danger of some colourants of 100 years ago, the move to natural colours and the fact that colours often need to compensate for the effect of processing on a foods colour also linked to am15 page article in Critical Reviews with a more comprehensive view and a focus on history and regulation.

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So take some time to get up to date on food coloring with this free online information.

Summary of Leatherhead’s “The Global Market for Food Colours” Report

This is a short, 2 page summary of a report by Leatherhead on the world food colourant market.

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from: FoodBev
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As well as information on the market and market trends the summary lists, with brief explanations, the four largest suppliers and the food groups where colourants are used. Amongst the interesting information in the summary is:

global market for food colours expected to reach US$1.6bn by the middle of the next decade – up 10% compared with present levels

demand for natural colours has increased by almost 35% in value terms since 2005

natural varieties’ share of the global food colours market increased from about 31% in 2005 to 36.2% in 2009

challenges exist to the use of natural colours, and not least is their stability

One would have to approach Leatherhead for more detailed information.