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Improving Profitability By Using Byproducts & Waste

We often focus on reducing ingredient costs and increasing efficiency but sometimes miss other opportunities to reduce cost and increase income. The stories linked below give some examples of the kind of thoughts we should be having.

Basically they focus on utilising by products and waste – the point just needs to be made that these should only get focus once they have been minimised through process optimisation and management.

Scientists Investigate Valuable Byproducts From Waste

Cranberry waste may lead to alternative ingredients.jpg

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SA Miller Reduce Effluent Discharges While Generating Heating Gas

SAB Miller Uses Brewery Waste from Alrode Brewery in South Africa to Reduce Carbon Footprint _ EcoLocalizer.jpg

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Lindt Chocolate Sell Cocoa Husks to Power Station Allowing Then to Process Whole Beans

Cocoa power project gets green light-1.jpg

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