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The Dark Cider in a Black Bottle for South Africa

Savanna cider joined Amarula Cream to become second largest in its alcoholic beverage class a few years ago. This was achieved with Savanna Dry and Savanna Light which are now complemented by Savanna Dark.

RealNew Dark Apple Cider Savanna Cider South Africa

from: Savanna
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This appears to be a golden cider in a black bottle – wonder if this will bring it some further success in Black Africa?

Apple Cider Preparation – Food Processing Videos

The video is shows the juice pressing process used by Woods Cider Mill in the apple cider process.

What I find interesting and worthy of thought are:

      • the potential to use the liquid extraction process on other separations – eg cashew apples, spent grain from brewing, cassava pressing in washing process
      • the simplicity of the technology and it robustness (no close tolerance, no electrical needs if apples are crushed by hand –
      • the minimal technology support needs
      • the type of process and equipment than can be used, in a safe and hygenic operation, so long as the necessary processes are in place
      • the possibilities of carrying out the process on a reasonably large scale