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Waste & Over Eating vs Need & Malnutrition

The work in the United Kindom on waste in the food system has lead to an intriguing, data rich report which is available on the WRAP website.


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from: WRAP
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Taking the information of how much food is wasted from this report, with the post on excessively nutritious foods and Michele Obama’s work with the the food industry to reduce the energy content in the food they sell together surely indicates a process that should start to redistribute calories.

Maybe some more about this in future posts.


A Milkshake That Could Sustain a Person!

In a world where poor people go hungry, Old Stone Creamery in California has “won the prize” for the most unhealthy drink in the USA. The fat content of the milkshake is the equivalent of 68 rashers of bacon and it weighs in at 2010 calories higher than the recommended daily allowance for women.



from: UK Telegraph
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Taken with other foods like the Kentucky Fried Chicken where the bread is replaced with chicken, these creates an unhealthy view where the rich are eating to excess and the poor are malnourished.