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Minnie’s Dried Fruit and Vegetables – African Business

Here is a nice story that shows how easy it is to establish an operating fruit and vegetable drying business.

click the image to visit the website

Menar Meebed of Egypt, has used a commercially available solar dryer and a simple Internet blog to set up a business selling dried fruit and vegetables. Her product is of a higher quality than the traditional products because of the fruit she selects and the fact that the solar dryer reduces the drying time.

The commercial success of the business of course depends on how well she sources her produce, whether the market demand for her product is big enough and how she manages the business but the basis is in place.


What Should I be Publishing?


Here is your opportunity to tell me what you would like me to be publishing here! Please email me here – dave@digivu.co.za or simply make a comment at the end of the post. Everyone who makes an input can supply me with information, which will be posted on www.digivu.co.za – what about using this as an advert?

You will have noticed I’ve been posting a bit more of non food processing bits and a bit slower in the last while – but remember you can access the information in many ways.

1) Remember though you can look at particular types of posts by going down to the bottom left and clicking a category, or even by entering an expanded URL.

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Introducing SAFPP 2.0

Some of you maybe remember the old SAFPP site which is shown above. I am now finished working at the CSIR and one of the things I intend doing is establishing a web based information source for the food processing community in Africa.


I have many ideas for things that I think could be useful, which I would like to try. But I need feedback to be sure I am doing useful things so please email me with comments, criticisms and suggestions.

Its going to be informal and constantly changing, so no “under construction” messages and maybe some “not perfect” English, but hopefully useful information.

Already happening are:

  • publishing food based enterprise opportunities
  • Africa Agribusiness Issues blog
  • access to the old SAFPP site
  • Some of the things I am planning to cover:

  • food processing information resources
  • biofuels and their link to food
  • the food market and food products
  • system to collect and share supplier information
  • country contacts information