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Africa Biofuel – Tanzanian biofuel company

Africa Biofuel and Emission Reduction Company is focussed on bringing a triple-bottom-line biofuel business model to Africa.



from: Africa Biofuels
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Africa Biofuels set out to find a biofuel process that did not compete for a food or use agricultural land. It looked for a product that could actually enhance the environment and benefit the people of the area.

It identified Croton megalocarpus, an indigenous tree, as its focus.

There is detailed discussion of the project under the explanatory and news section of the website that promotes its arguments in detail.

In a quick scan and search I was unable to identify how the byproducts (oil cake and glycerine) are to be used and what income they will generate. This “income” and the cost of manual collection from wild trees are critical to the viability of the process. In fact I not find any costing or economics on the site but am taking that up via email.

Biomass the Oldest Renewable Biofuel – Developments

This clip from Wikipedia explains the comment in the title. Today when we talk biomass in the biofuel context we might think of switchgrass grown for ethanol, saw milling waste or soya beans for biodiesel production – but in fact the wood fire was the first example of a biomass fuel and is still a very important fuel in developing countries.


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This defines biomass as

Biomass refers to living and recently dead biological material that can be used as fuel or for industrial production. Most commonly, biomass refers to plant matter grown to generate electricity or produce biofuel, but it also includes plant or animal matter used for production of fibers, chemicals or heat. Biomass may also include biodegradable wastes that can be burnt as fuel. It excludes organic material which has been transformed by geological processes into substances such as coal or petroleum.

Two recent stories illustrate what is happening in this area.


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from: Farmers Weekly Interactive
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This article considers biomass from recycled wood, processing co-products (palm kernel or distillers grains, for example), agricultural wastes (straw, chicken manure and so on) and energy crops.

It refers to announcements in recent months to develop more than 1,000MW of electricity generation from biomass. It also identifies increasing quantities of biomass being co-fired in large coal plants and used in industrial-sized operations. It expands on the activities of a number of companies.


Bioenergy pact between Europe and Africa.jpg

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This is an amazing story of a €150 million project to produce enough electricity for 90,000 households, by burning chicken manure, that went online in the beginning of September.

The plant is owned and operated by utility company Delta, cooperative DET, ZLTO and Austrian Energy & Environment A.G. (a consortium including Siemens Nederland N.V.). It will use approximately 440,000 tons of chicken manure a year, roughly one third of the total amount produced in the Netherlands.

It is interesting that while producing electricity the project solves a number of problems from complaints by the UKto the smell produced when Holland spread manure on their fields, to the release of Methane and the high cost of alternate disposal.

The ash from the plant will be used in fertilisers. There are opportunities for the manure from the remainder of Holland’s chickens and from other countries of Europe.

Some Africa Relenvant Biofuels News Links – 2

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This post is a periodic one, that simply lists interesting Biofuel stories that I feel are relevant to Africa. The link will take you to an original article which will acknowledge my source of the story.


Nigerian company produces biofuel from sorghum – some details of a project in Nigeria that uses sweet sorghum as a feedstock for ethanol production.

The Mocambican National Government approves an EthanolProject– a bioenergy park will produce almost a billion litres of ethanol a year and create 2,600 jobs.

Cassava Ethanol Project in Nigeria – Kwara Casplex will produce 30.6 million tons of cassava ethanol at new production facilities planned for Oyo and Ekiti states. They appear to be looking at integrating many technologies to increase the overall system efficiency.

Oil Palm in the Congo – an Italian biodiesel producer has signed a 30 year agreement with the Congo national government to cultivate oil palm on 98,000 acres.

Some Africa Relevant Biofuel News Links – 1

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This post is a periodic one, that simply lists interesting Biofuel stories that I feel are relevant to Africa. The link will take you to an original article which will acknowledge my source of the story.

Desert plant may hold key to surviving food shortage – Liverpool is starting a project to generate the genome sequence for Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi a Madagascan plant that is water efficient as it captures most of its CO2 at night. The genome sequence could help scientists to develop energy crops able to withstand harsh environments and therefore not compete with food.

Conservationists protest Kenya’s 20,000 hectare sugarcane ethanol plan; 350 species said to be at risk – its not the impact on food this time, but the wildlife that could be endangered.

Omnia invests R29bn in Zambia jatropha research – the project by a South African based group with fertiliser interests will research jatropha agronomics in Zambia, to improve the understanding of the potential of Jatropha as a long term sustainable biofuel crop.

In Ethanol Project stopped by High Court in Kenya – the protests against the environmental impact of the project has apparently borne fruit.