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Smaller Bakery Process and Equipment – online video

After the previous post which showed an industrial baking operation, here are a few videos that show smaller scale baking. The first is a slightly mechanised bakery that is producing standard non industrial breads.

The next video is of a small artisinal bakery – these are becoming popular where health, environment and simplicity are traits that consumers are willing to pay more for.

The third video, published on YouTube by Vincent Talleu, shows his love for the tactile aspects of baking.

▶ Bakery Work YouTube

Please let me know if you find these videos useful or merely a waste of bandwidth and I will adjust my posting appropriately.

The Guardian Science Blog on Baking

This article from the Science Blog of the UK Guardian is really worth reading – its a great blend of the physical aspects of making a loaf of bread and some science down to the level of equations and protein structure.


The science and magic of breadmaking | Science | guardian.co.uk.jpg

from: Guadian.co.uk
(click image for full story online)


This isn’t really for the Food Technologist or the baker to learn about baking, but is rather a gentle and enjoyable read showing the interrelation between biological processes and science.


Free Online Information – Milling & Baking Enterprise Design

This UNIDO manual is one of a series which offer practical and applicable online information without charge.

31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 1 of 112).jpg

from: UNIDO
(click image for full story online)


While we are all often disappointed by what we get when we follow the link that came up in our search, there are also real gems, like this manual written by Professor Peter Fellows, that are invaluable in setting up a business.

This not just a textbook explanation of milling and baking – the images below show that it covers the real and practical issues that need to be addressed to establish and sustain a food processing business.

    • building and site requirements are addressed first
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 7 of 112).jpg
    • as is production planning
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 7 of 112)-1.jpg
    • practical checklists ensure the entrepreneur covers everything
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 17 of 112)-1.jpg
    • practical information is provided on processing loss
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 23 of 112).jpg
    • worked calculations are presented on technical matters
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 24 of 112).jpg
    • and financial issues
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 21 of 112).jpg
    • practical rules support the hygiene message
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 28 of 112).jpg
    • process flowsheets define manufacturing processes
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 37 of 112).jpg
    • photographs illustrate the text
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 46 of 112).jpg
    • practical checklists support trouble shooting
      31181_CerealProcessingNOV8.pdf (page 78 of 112).jpg

          I don’t think I can overate this book as a manual for entrepreneurs looking to start, improve or expand their business!