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Small Scale Processing of Underutilised Fruits – Free Online Technical Manual

This 96 page manual focusses on lesser know fruits – so much so that I in fact have tasted none of them! The fruits covered are amla, bael, ber, jackfruits,lapsi, persimmon, sugar apple and tamirand.

Processing of Lesser Known Fruits - amla, bael, ber, jackfruits,lapsi, persimmon, sugar apple and tamirand.

from: FAO INPhO
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It is divided into four sections.

  • a short section covering measures and techniques that are required to carry out the processing
  • a description of post harvest processing and then details of the specific processes for each of the fruits
  • a section on producing shelf stable products including pickled fruits, non-alcoholic beverages, jam and jelly, dried fruits, fruit leather, candies, preserves and powder with details for the different fruits
  • finally a section aimed at introducing the business issues and providing the necessary information for a person entering business for the first time

It is well illustrated and provides a very high level of detail. It also includes a large list of references.

Packaging Lesser known fruit juices 1

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Even if you don’t have access to these special fruits the information, both technical and business, makes it worth while downloading this manual and keeping it on your computer.