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Explaining Technology by Analogy.

This interesting diagram from emphasizes the fact that the Tetrapak cartons are separated under the liquid a key point of the aseptic packaging technology.

photo by Tetrapak – usable under Creative Commons license

The more modern version is maybe not as explicit but much more appealing. This is a technologyand a presentation thereof that Steve Jobs would have admired.

photo by Tetrapak – usable under Creative Commons license 

Farmer Invests $15 Million in Dairy Equipment

Here is a really inspiring story of a small producer investing in a state of the art technology and getting support from the Industry – it should give us all the faith to tackle what seems out of reach.


Food Stuff SA brings you news on the latest Food Trends - Homsek delivers the dairy difference.jpg

from: FoodStuffSA.co.za
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Basically Anton Homsec has built a dairy farm over the last eight years that now produces 20 000l and buys in 80 000 litres per day to feed his dairy that includes his latest investment in a state of the art aseptic bottle packaging plant.

The growth is based on a 2001 contract Anton secured from Woolworths, South Africa’s high end food retailer. The contract was based on a herd of Ayrshire cows that are raised and maintained without the use of any hormones. The successful marketing of this product put Homsec in the position to be able to invest R150-million in a totally new aseptic milk format for the South African market, an HDPE bottle.

Woolworths agreed to change to a bottle based system because

The international long-life milk trend is definitely in favour of plastic. The layered bottle is ideally suited to optimal UV protection, it’s recyclable, there are many decoration options and the bottles can be any shape or design. They’re also easy to open, reclose and handle; and also relatively inexpensive to produce.

The story details the suppliers of equipment and bottles and how they supported Homsec in the installation and commissioning of the plant in a farm area 20 km north of Bloemfontein.