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Mediterranean Delicacies – African Food Company

This started out as a real one man enterprise launched by a Greek in South Africa who saw that speciality Greek foods were difficult to come by.

Mediterranean Delicacies  Dips

from: Mediterranean Delicacies
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The story is reported in detail in Fin24.

Mediterranean Delicasies is a business born out of necessity. Thirty years ago, Tony Nichas was working in the chemical business. He was Greek and, by default, loved to cook.

The problem was that in the 1990s SA was in the grip of severe trade sanctions and many Greek ingredients were virtually impossible to come by in supermarkets.

Mediterranean Delicacies was born in Nichas’ kitchen in 1988. It started out supplying just one ingredient to catering companies and restaurants in the Western Cape: tarama – the fish roe used as a base for the oily dip taramasalata, almost always part of Greek meze spreads.

Since then they have grown and expanded geographically, business content and sector wise – read the whole story on line!

Cereals Post Harvest Management – Free Online Technical Manual

Grain Post Harvest Management Manual Cover-1.jpg

This has no Food Processing but focusses in detail on the small scale management of cereals giving details information on spoilage, treatment, storage equipment and storage practices.

It is a well illustrated book that is aimed at the extension worker.


African Food Online

Here is a place to sell your traditional African products if you are a processor and to buy your food if you are outside the country and missing the food you are used to.

Africa_s Online Shopping Mall for African Ethnic Products.jpg

from: AfriTaste
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I know there are many more selling places for traditional African foods, both online and “onstreet” – please email me the ones you know and I will post them.