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Medical Research Council Likely to Stop Research on Food Safety

It seems that the MRC will be refocusing its research efforts into the top ten causes of death in South Africa. Their work on nutrition and carcinogens is likely to be effected by this change.

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This has already eliceted response given the existing malnutrition and food security problems in poorer communities. However, the needs here probably call for more focus on the implementation of existing technology and the addressing of socio economic issues than scientific research.

One of the main focusses of the MRC's work is aflatoxins which are a particular problem in rural areas and in food and feed safety. Again the first requirement is probably the transfer and effective implementation of existing technology.

In both areas the level of scientific research required can probably be reduced without immediate detriment to the efforts to improve nutrition and safety, so long as the the transfer and implementation of existing technology is properly handled.

Poor Postharvest Practices Waste 15 000 tons of Maize in Kenya

In a time when severe food shortages are threatening sub saharan Africa, this is a read desperate story.


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from: IRIN News
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Some 300 000 bags of aflatoxin contaminated maize are expected to be bought from farmers in Kenya. This is necessary to protect consumers from the short and longer term toxic effects of aflatoxin.

The contamination of the maize was apparently a result of insufficient drying along with poor harvesting and storage practices.

A pity that food has to go to waste when the technology to minimise the risk is simple, cheap and available, so long as on the field drying is not made impossible by the weather.