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Food Safety Objectives and Performance Objectives – Free Online Information

This is an interesting document from The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF).

Www icmsf org pdf FSO 20Ojectives GuiaSimplificadoEnglish pdf

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This is a short (12 page) document defining the different food safety concepts, such as HACCP, ALOP, FSOs and POs, from a conceptual and strategic perspective. Seems to be worthwhile to give the processor an overall understanding of “why” not just “what”. 


Food Safety Objectives and Performance Objectives

Real Good Cheese and Dairy Information

The website of Dairy Science and Food Technology, an information and consultancy service for the food industry, provides useful and applicable information, calculators and reports which are surely of great use to the dairy processor. 

 Science and technology of milk and dairy products

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The website was established by Dr Michael Mullan who is CEO of the Dairy Science and Food Technology consultancy.

Originally the site was intended as a project aimed at exploring the use of the Internet as a means of communicating with students. Over the years the site has grown and contributions are now invited from the wider scientific community and industry.

DSFT gets around a million ‘hits’ a year and there are hundreds of links back to the site.

The content of the site is illustrated by the navigation menu which includes topics like Cheese Yield, Food Models, Lactic Bacteriophages, Calculators, Links, Packaging and Labelling, Writing Tools, Thermal Processing, Ice Cream and Probiotics.

The nature of information is illustrated by the screen grab below from the Cheese Quality page.

Cheese yield

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To me this kind of information on the INTERNET is what we need to access, not the generic marketing type information that abounds. Please share the information you use by commenting on this page. 

Herbs, Spices and Essential Oils Manual – Free Online Information

This is a really impressive manual published by UNIDO.

Cover of the Herbs, Spices and Essential Oils Manual

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The manual covers the following subjects with the focus being on the post production processes used including a very informative section on essential oils.

  • Major spice crops in world trade
  • Economic Impact and Trade
  • Products
  • Post-Production
  • Operations Losses
  • Pest control 
  • Economic and Social Considerations

Food Processors are well equiped with knowledge and equipment that could be adapted to the production of herbs, spices or essential oils. They, therefore, have an opportunity to consider changing or expanding their business.

Beer From Elephant Digested Coffee Beans – Peculiar Foods

I must claim to having heard first hand of an area where a nut is used as a food, after having been eaten and excreted by an animal. In this area there is a strong belief that kernels from a marula nut that has been eaten by a goat are much more tasty than the untreated kernels. But here's a new one.

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There are of course coffees that have passed through digestive tracts but here the coffee is used to brew a dark beer, which has apparently sold out on its launch day, although only.

The flow sheet on the pack label needs to be studied!


A New Gentle Drying Technology

The combination of vacuum and microwave makes for faster and gentler heat treatment, offering a product of much higher quality than conventional tunnel and spray drying, that is cheaper and faster than freeze drying.

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The technology, which is offered by a Canadian company the Enwave Corporation, was developed at University of British Columbia in 1998. The principal issue appears to be the development of equipment to handle the irriadiation of products under vaccum in continuous large scale operations.

An article published in the South African Food Science and Technology presents some information that supports the technology's claims that were outlined in the first paragraph.


Information To Support Calculation.

Whenever you are busy with calculations this site can help keep the data and information you need at you fingertips.

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The Engineering Toolbox offers free information in a range of areas, from Acoustics to Water Systems.

The information provided is practical and easy to use as the image below shows. This is a good resource to have to hand to support your technical activity.

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Small Scale Fruit Processing Equipment

One of the problems that often faces the small scale processor Is the percieved lack of suitable equipment for the establishment of a small sized business.

Now Voran Machinery, a German company which offers a wide range of impressive fruit juice equipment seems to be filling this gap.

click the image to visit the website

click the image to visit the website

To me this euipment appears to be very promisising. Voran seems to offer unit operqtions at a range of capacities all with good control. My wory would be cost and what kind of support they are able to offer

I do not know this company and the post is based only on reading the website, I would therefore really like to hear from you if you have any futher knowledge or experience. You can email me using this link.