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I’m sure this is more a brand than a chocolate quality issue, as they are both pretty bad, but the UK bar edges the US in my opinion!

American confectionery brands Hershey’s and Reese’s have outsold established British brands in their first week on sale at ASDA in the UK.


Do you always get the one chocolate in the box that you don’t like – that’s ginger for me! Well now you can avoid it with chocolates that are specifically matched to your taste.

Maison Cailler, a Nestle chocolate maker, sends you a free set of 5 chocolates which you rate and compare in a standard taste testing on their website. They undertake to send you just the chocolates that match your taste within two days.

I have seen a few other of these individualized foods and wonder if it will grow and weather it can become something other than a novelty?

CARBON FOOTPRINT OF FINNISH MEALS This kind of representation, quickly highlights the major issue…


This kind of representation, quickly highlights the major issue – the footprint of agriculture is overwhelming especially for the carbon intense foods. The balance between ready to eat and home processing is less clear.

This kind of detail also needs to be seen against the higher level situation – the total contribution of the food chain on climate change in Finland is calculated at 14%. The contribution to the total CO2 being only 7% but to methane being 43%.

PANDA DROPPINGS TO GROW BETTER “GREEN” TEA The press always likes to sesationalise these poo stor…


The press always likes to sesationalise these poo stories. An Yanshi is actually aiming to sell tea grown on land fertilized with Panda droppings at a very high price by claiming special properties for the tea.

He has a secondary and maybe more realistic goal of promoting the use of manure over chemical fertilizers.

A Chinese entrepreneur is convinced he has found the key ingredient to produce the world's most expensive tea.

Printed Foods – Really The Future?

TNO has recently publicised the work it has done on printing as a Unit Operation for the food processing factory of the future.

Looking to the future_ Creating novel foods using 3D printing-1.jpg

from: Food Production Daily
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To me this is a fascinating thought and is based on the the fairly established Fab(rication) Lab concept where a computer run printer lays down thin slabs of say plastic, which are stacked on top of each other to form the 3D plastic form.

I heard a recent podcast on the advances in this area and they were talking about open source plans that would allow the user to fabricate a printer for a orders of magnitude less than the cost of the current commercial printers using CD printing – Amazing!

So what TNO is doing is investigating the potential to fabricate foods from ingredients on the bed of a printer.

I must say this seems far fetched to me especially when thinking of the numbers and cost of the foods the industry produces – but then IBM thought there was only a market for a few hundred personal computers!

Carbonated Cucumber Juice – Interesting Food Product

Here we have what you have been waiting for, a carbonated cucumber drink – and Mr Q Cumber advertises it on his webpage!

Mr. Q Cumber | Facebook.jpg

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Not really cucumber but a formulated with a cucumber essence – that really takes some gumption to think you could sell that! But then the company Global Beverage Enterprises also sells carbonated milk products and rose, elder and lavender blossom drinks!

The USA’s Banned Foods

This is of Banned Foods is maybe a reflection of the USA’s federal system as much as anything else. It includes the ban on un-pasteurised milk and a 2 yeast ban on Foie Gras by Chicago. It talks of a ban on slaughtering horses for human consumption in a country which certifies the slaughtering of lion and other wild animal.

Forbidden Foods in the U.S. - Business News - Food and Drink Digital.jpg

from: Food & Drink Digital
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Interesting that although foods are banned for their danger eg Japanese Pufferfish and carcinogenic Sassafras Oil the US does nothing about smoking and while others are banned for animal welfare reasons eg Foie Gras the US still handles billions of farm animals inhumanely.