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Keep Your Pinch of Salt Handy

As it becomes easier and easier to publish information in a credible looking way, I wonder if its for the good or not?


In November 2015 there were lots of stories, many very similar to each other, published on Pixie Dust. Only one that I saw really remarked on the technology and tried to evaluate it, the others seemed to cut and paste what I suppose was a press release. For me it “sounds to good to be true” – you add a small amount of a cheap substance which sterilises the container and its contents in a fail safe process. There is mention of a patent with more patents being developed and Performance Packaging looking for international partners. But what exactly is the patent and how far was the process of finding partners.

Even so the headlines use words like launched, introduced, offers, solution …… leaving readers with the impression it as available. But 6 months later there seems to have been nothing for months and no one has reported on follow up.

I am following up to try and see where this interesting technology is now.

Novel Packaging for Free Distribution

This is a really impressive packaging innovation, which must surely open new opportunities.

click the image to visit the website

The Yamoyo kit provides all that is necessary for the treatment of dehydration resulting from diarrhea.

The novelty lies in the fact that the pack is designed to fit into unused space in crates of coca cola. This enables it to be widely distributed for free.


The Gizmo Closure – More Than Just A Lid,

This is combination of a lid, a doser and a processor. The Gizmo is seen in action in the large bottle in the scan of the company's website below. The orange colour has been introduced from the lid and is being mixed into the contents of the bottle.

click the image to visit the website

The apparently oversized lid on the bottle contains material and a gas, normally carbon dioxide as well as a concentrate. When the lid is twisted a seal is broken and the gas forces the concentrate into the bottle, mixing the concentrate into the contents.

As well as beverages, Gizmo believes there are opportunities in chemical, household liquids, cosmetics, agricultural chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Although there might be a fun value in mixing colour and flavour into your carbonated soft drink, I believe the cost and complexity of the Gizmo Closure is better suited to applications where keeping the additives and base separate until consumption has value. For instance an antioxidant added to a milk drink might be unstable during storage either reducing functionality or resulting in off flavours. This would be an ideal application where the antioxidant is stored in an air and light tight cap, reducing the chance of deterioration and extending the shelf life.

As an ex brewer, maybe this is the magic alcoholic beer concentrate package. The freeze evaporated concentrate could be stored in the cap of a cap on a bottle of soda water.

Possibly there is an opportunity to sell the caps separately for personalised modification of beverages or the simultaneous carbonation and flavoring of tap water which would reduce packaging, transport and storage costs for flavored bottled water.

Steve Jobs on Whats Holds Food Processors Back

Of course that about food processors is only to get you to have a look at this.

On the other hand this approach to life can be applied to everything, including food processing. 

By the way I am a great fan of Steve Jobs and Apple devices, but not of what his company has done to the world. That a company making fun gadgets should be the most valuable company in the world and bigger than many countries of the world, needs consideration. That it makes otherwise productive people inanely make repetitive tweets/comments is sad. Worse, that these mainly get lost in the billions of others and remain unread but stored for decades!

TIME TO GET TO KNOW SKA AFRICA The time for the final decision on the Square Kilometre Array (SKA…


The time for the final decision on the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is getting nearer. The SKA is a radio telescope in development which will be able to survey the sky more than ten thousand times faster than ever before. It will continue radio astronomy's tradition of providing the highest resolution images in all astronomy.

This is an international €1.5 billion project that has to be in the Southern Hemisphere. Following a long process the choice is now between South Africa and Australia/New Zealand.

Have a look and make your inputs.

Southern Africa is fast becoming a hub of activities in the field of astronomy and related technologies. Winning the SKA bid will be a major step forward for the government's Astronomy Geographica…


Is it not just a carbonated alcoholic liquid which is then flavored (cinamon for the hot version and rasberry and ginger for the cool) by the consumer depending on whether it’s going to be drunk hot or cold.

I would rather a normal red for mull wine or white wine for a kir. On the other hand I have drunk beer with fruit syrup in France which is a nice change.

It does show how difficult the market, with all the alcopop offerings is, and what lengths brewers, once a very conservative breed, now seem to be prepared to go.

A Polish brewer has launched a beer that is designed to be consumed chilled, or heated!

Wooden Scooter in The DRC

Amazing what lengths people need to go to for transport and then still to have the drive to modify it not for utility but just for fun!

In the towns and villages of war-ravaged eastern Congo, the lumpy, lava-covered roads belong to the humble chukudu: hand-hewn wooden scooters that men ride and push across the hills, hauling towering …


Did the baddies had a hand in this, the almost million Rand campaign to encourage informing, won’t catch a crook because the number given to bring the law in is wrong on the posters!

At the same time, another campaign warned citizens to be law abiding to avoid prosection, which Wikipedia defines as “dissection of a cadaver (human or animal) or part of a cadaver by an experienced anatomist in order to demonstrate for students anatomic structure”. No thats not what we do with criminals in South Africa.

A bit more care and commitment to ones job is what is required here and in many other areas where South Africa battles.

SHAIN GERMANER. It IS a R740 000 bungle that may cost police valuable information and even prevent the arrest of numerous criminals. The error? One missing zero. Fifty-eight billboards have been erect…