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Cool Drinks For The Pub

It's interesting when you think about it that there are no non alcoholic drinks especially made for consumption in an environment where many people are drinking speciality alcoholic drinks. That's so long as you leave out alcohol free beer and sparkling wine.

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So Instead of having that cream soda or coke in the bar you can try Original, Fire, Ice and Thunder in these attractive metalcised bottles. The drinks are apple based with complex dry and bitter flavours giving a sophisticated premium alternative.

Innovating in Baked Beans

I often use baked beans as a stereotype of a food where the completion is mainly on price and the small entrepreneur has no chance of penetrating because he can't get his price competitive until, he has a market which he can't get until he is competitive. Now Rhodes seem to be turning my argument around.

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Here they come with different flavours and formulations and sell nutritional and demographic needs!


Tastes in Sweets, Reinforcing Understanding of French Consumers – Five Months in Bourgogne VII

The other day I was at a birthday party where two examples of Mexican sweets were distributed to a mainly French Group of people.

The first was a thin tube approximately 4mm in diameter and about 8cm long, filled with a rather bland tasting heavy jelly. It was very hard to eat and didn’t attract or repel anyone and was simply dismissed.

The second was a completely different story!


photograph by ChigyTweeter

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Sandigomas is a very different sweet shaped like a watermelon slice, it has a very strong jelly texture. Burt its the taste that had the French hating it! They used all sorts of adjectives like bizarre, horrible and worse and were quick to make their comments.

The first flavor is chili, which is quite strong and persists for several minutes. Thereafter the jelly has a strong acidic flavor but without any strong watermelon or other fruit flavor. That’s after your tastebuds get over the chili.

This little episode is quite a nice reflection of, I would say, the majority of the French who see themselves as authorities on food (this was no doubt this wasn’t a sweet), always sticking to their rules (the use of chili in a sweet breaking the sweet and salty rule) and not very willing to try things with an open mind (no one tasted it as something different as I did, which allowed me to see a different and interesting taste).

Maybe a bit sweeping from this one example but really reinforcing my conclusions of the last few months. Of course this kind of understanding of the market is critical in reaching the consumer.

Five Months in Bourgogne!

I am going to be spending the next few months working from a house in rural Bourgogne (Burgundy to the English and the wine drinker!) in France.

Having just returned from a first visit to the supermarket it was interesting that for the first time in my life I actually said to myself “We mustn’t buy too much fruit because the garden is full of cherries!”.

General view in a mediunm sized French supermarket.

photograph by DIGIVUZA

published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.


This brought home the Local Food issue, especially as the plums and pears in the supermarket were from South Africa! We definitely, especially in South Africa, make little effort to reduce our carbon footprint by using foods that are grow nearby. Here someone planted trees decades ago and without fertilisation or any real pruning they produce year after year and as they are just off the dining room with “zero” carbon emission.

I also saw some interesting products and concepts in the supermarket such as LCD pricing, easy cracking macadamias and another solution to cooking rice!

I have therefore decided to write a number of posts while I am here that reflect on these and similar items focussing on innovation and the environment.