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Steve Jobs on Whats Holds Food Processors Back

Of course that about food processors is only to get you to have a look at this.

On the other hand this approach to life can be applied to everything, including food processing. 

By the way I am a great fan of Steve Jobs and Apple devices, but not of what his company has done to the world. That a company making fun gadgets should be the most valuable company in the world and bigger than many countries of the world, needs consideration. That it makes otherwise productive people inanely make repetitive tweets/comments is sad. Worse, that these mainly get lost in the billions of others and remain unread but stored for decades!

Watch Your Tyres!

If you are a heavy duty truck driver here is one to look out for!


photo by Dave Harcourt
(Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License)


Yes it is real – seen on the Nelspruit/Pretoria road around Belfast, near a truck stop area.


iPizza in Australia

Just days after the iPad went on sale in Australia Pizza Capers were talking about how they planned to use the iPad as part of their ordering and service system!



from: Food Week
(click image for full story online)


“The new iPads can be used as a Point-of-Sale terminal but staff can also bring them out from behind the counter to take orders from customers in the queue or in the dining area, making them super convenient,” Geizler said.

“We have always been early adopters of new technology – and these iPads are shaping up as a real bonus for us because of their portability, reliability, and because they are a real talking piece among our customers.”

Geiszler said the use of the iPad would save time when taking dine-in orders as they would go directly to the pizza chefs in the kitchen without needing to be re-entered into the order system.

The company is also developing an application for iPad and iPhone that will let them “jump the queue” by placing orders directly instead of lining up.

A Milkshake That Could Sustain a Person!

In a world where poor people go hungry, Old Stone Creamery in California has “won the prize” for the most unhealthy drink in the USA. The fat content of the milkshake is the equivalent of 68 rashers of bacon and it weighs in at 2010 calories higher than the recommended daily allowance for women.



from: UK Telegraph
(click image for full story online)


Taken with other foods like the Kentucky Fried Chicken where the bread is replaced with chicken, these creates an unhealthy view where the rich are eating to excess and the poor are malnourished.



I have just put notices on all the blogs I have on directing the users here – so if you are one of the people coming from one of these sites welcome to this combined blog. You will be able to find the information you were following on the other blogs here.


I must actually apologise that I was so slow in doing this – its been months since I posted.

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I will be working on a number of different approaches to sharing information in the next few months so suggest you keep watching.

What is Gumbo

image from Wikipedia

The Mysterious History of Gumbo

Posted by Miss Cellania in Food & Drinks on January 1, 2010 at 4:59 pm

The delicious mixture of soup and rice called gumbo is enjoyed in New Orleans and across Louisiana, as well as anywhere else gumbo fans live. But where did the Creole recipe originate? The answer depends on which ingredient you like most! Gumbo as we know it is a cosmopolitan product with contributions from African-Americans, the French, Choctaw tribesmen, the Canadian immigrants who came to be called Cajuns, Spaniards, Italians, and even Germans.

Its name is generally agreed to derive from ki ngombo, the term for okra in the Central Bantu dialect of West Africa, the homeland of many of the slaves brought to colonial Louisiana. Okra stews, served with rice, were a staple food among those slaves. And okra is the main thickening agent in many (though not all) varieties of gumbo. So it seems reasonable to conclude, as many culinary historians have, that the dish itself also bears some African heritage.

Nevertheless, a debate about gumbo’s precise origins has raged for decades, framed by Louisiana’s legacy of colonialism and complicated by the vast range of gumbo-preparation techniques practiced by the different peoples who make up the region’s complex ethnic fabric. Most gumbos achieve their thickness, color, and texture partly from the use of a roux, the mixture of flour and oil employed by French cooks as early as the 14th century. This French technique has sometimes been used to bolster the theory that gumbo derived not from African okra stews, but from French bouillabaisse. Another theory contends that gumbo originated with Native Americans. That idea draws support from the use of the ground sassafras called filé powder as a thickening agent in some gumbos. According to this account, filé was introduced to the French by the Choctaws, whose word for sassafras was kombo.

Of course, like most Louisiana recipes, the ingredients you use depends on what’s in season and in your cupboard. Link

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New Year’s Eve Blue Moon Eclipse

image by Ack Ook on Flickr
From Neatorama
27 December 2009 16:52
by Miss Cellania

New Year’s Eve Blue Moon Eclipse

On December 31st, we will see the second full moon of the month, or the 13th full moon of the year. These rare occasions are called a blue moon, as in “once in a blue moon”. But that’s not the only thing special about New Year’s Eve this year. There will also be a partial lunar eclipse on the 31st (visible in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia)!

Only a very small portion of the Moon’s southern limb will be in the Earth’s umbral shadow, but there will be a noticeable darkening visible over the Moon’s face at the point of greatest eclipse. Need more? Then know this eclipse is the one of four lunar eclipses in a short-lived series. The lunar year series repeats after 12 lunations or 354 days. Afterwards it will begin shifting back about 10 days in sequential years. Because of the date change, the Earth’s shadow will be about 11 degrees west in sequential events.

For the eclipse, the duration of the partial phase will last within two seconds of a hour long, while the penumbral duration from beginning to end will run about four hours and eleven minutes. Penumbral contact will begin at 17:17:08 UT and umbral contact at 18:52:43 UT. The moment of greatest depth of shadow will occur at 19:22:39 UT, 31 December 2009.

Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

(image credit: Kostian Iftica)

Science & Tech eclipse lunar eclipse moon New Year

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How I’ll be communicating!

There was sadly not much response to my email asking what you would like me to post! I am going to be arogant enough to assume you love everything I do! You do don’t you? So the image for this post is an HDR I took in the Drakensburg a few months ago.

So I am going to be carrying on like I was, but maybe with a bit moreof my non food processing interests. But please let me know if there is seting more you would like to see.

I hope to be adding things a bit more frequently. For instance I am blogging and adding extracts from other peoples web based food processing information/news which I think might be interesting. This is stuff I probably won’t be blogging on.

You can find this at SAFPP African news story a day blog and getting my comment and a link to the blog through Twitter by following daveharcourt.

I will also be doing more blogging and information management from my iPhone.

But don’t forget I want to be providing what you want!

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