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What Contributes to this Interior Shot of an Abbey?

This interior shot in the Tournus in the Abbaye Saint-Philibert, shows a number of actions that cam improve a photograph.

The most obvious technique used in composing is the positioning a small figure, amazed by the scale of the Abbey. Without this counterbalancing the scale of the structure would be lost to most viewers.

©️Dave Harcourt 2020, all rights reserved

Other interesting things that contribute to the success of the photograph are the many instances which follow the rule of thirds, many depths in the view, the contrasting lighting and the varied textures.

The chairs between the columns to the right and the whiteobject on the column are distracting should be removed.

Receding arches

Rather a standard shot along one side of a cloister at the Cluny Abbey in Burgundy.

©️Dave Harcourt 2020, all rights reserved

The mixture of symetry on the sides but nor across the center line of the photo are what makes it interesting. The black shadows are a break from the browns of the Bourgogne stone.

I like it though, because it’s mine and available as a poster at