DaveH Photography


01 November 2016

I went to the Voortrekker Monument today in Pretoria and was reminded of an article I read that screenshot_2016_12_01__5_31_pmclaimed to make your photographs stand out from the masses. This article said if you took a photograph from the same place, at the same time and from the same elevation you would get an image that was the same as all those on line.

The Monument, which celebrates the move of Afrikaaner farmers from the Cape into the rest of South Africa, obligingly puts signs at those places from where it recommends photographs are taken. And there were surely enough people with cameras but even more with cellular phones.

Doing an image search for “Voortrekker Monument” on GOOGLE, did give a group of very similar photographs although the angle and time of day did vary. But still the photos are of a boring, uninteresting block that is the characteristic of the monument. voortrekker_monument_-_google_search

So I did try to take different things from different angles and believe this gave more interesting photographs which show more interesting aspects of the monument