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Besides looking great, this array of soft drink brands has contributions to make in many areas in and around the carbonated soft drink (csd) market.

These flavors along with at least as many again, can be used at a Coca Cola Freestyle dispenser to produce hundreds of csds by blending any three flavors. And thanks to your smart phone you don’t even have touch anything except you glass of csd.

As well as giving the consumer exactly what they think they want, Coca Cola gets an amazing knowledge base of people, their location and there taste – sorry Facebook.

Then there is still more

. It’s environmentally great as the bulk of the product comes from the tap, saving packaging, transport and storage.

. No bottling, sealing an packaging.

. There is potential to use reusable glasses

. Stock control and raw material control is run by the dispenser

This stunning device was designed by an Italiann car manufacturer in Coca Cola Red.