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I happened onto this manual just now and it got me to thinking about solar drying again.

click the image to download the manual

The document was prepared as a training manual for a Zimbabwian project funded by the Austrian Embassy titled Establishment of a production, sales and consulting infrastructure for solar thermal plants in Zimbabwe.

Its a comprehensive manual covering many designs and processes which you will see in illustrations from other documents you have read over the years. The 110 page book contains descriptions of many different dryers as well as examples of many different crops and their dryers. It also presents a great deal of technical data on drying but even though the title of the project nothing about markets, packaging and selling.

Solar drying should be all the rage currently giving its potential to impact global food shortage and climate change – but we still seem to be where we were decades ago.


2 thoughts on “A Comprehensive Solar Drying Manual – Free Online Information

  1. Ibe Onwujekwe

    In Africa, more than one third is lost in Agric products because of lack of appropriate storage.The world would have been richer if Africa can be sponsored to get affordable solar drying machineries.Can you please link me on destoning tech for Fonio (Digitaria Excillis).Ibe Onwujekwe

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Ibe

    Nice to hear from you!

    You are quite right, the more scary bit is that as much is lost in the first world household even after processing, refrigeration, shelflife foods and education.

    I think destoning of fonio is probably difficult and something I have no knowledge of as we don’t have fonio in SA. However, at the household and small processor level we have the same problem with sorghum. I will therefore contact a few people I know and see what the status is.

    In the meantime you might contact http://www.graintech.co.nz/precleaning-destoning-classification-p-46.html and have a look at a Nigerian report of rice destoning at http://www.propcommaikarfi.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/37-A-Survey-of-Improved-Drying-and-De-stoning-Techniques-and-Technologies-11-07.pdf. This latter paper also has info on drying.

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