Royal Society Names Most Significant Inventions in Food and Drink

This as an interesting list that deserves thought.

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Too often the food technology lists are uninspiring coming up with the old faithfuls of convenience, ethnic and health or else looking at a weird niche like the trends in Timbuktu's fas food!

This one looks at the most significant inventions in the food industry, ever! It was executed by none other than the Fellows of the Royal Society assisted by leaders from the food industry.

The twenty inventions they came up with we're:

1. Refrigeration

2. Pasteurisation / sterilisation

3. Canning

4. The oven

5. Irrigation

6. Threshing machine/combine harvester

7. Baking

8. Selective breeding / strains

9. Grinding / milling

10. The plough

11. Fermentation

12. The fishing net

13. Crop rotation

14. The pot

15. The knife

16. Eating utensils

17. The cork

18. The barrel

19. The microwave oven

20. Frying

Of course it's the press who came up with the “you fridge” attention grabber. It's really refrigeration or more precisely the cold chain which is the significant invention.

What would you add or remove from the list? What about another list – The 10 Things That Most Degraded The Pleasure of Eating?


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