COP 17 – Creates its Own 20 000 ton Footprint

Those attending COPQ 17 are set to produce an extra 15 000 tons of Carbon Dioxide over the duration of the function.

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To put this in some kind of perspective this is about the same size as the carbon footprint of the territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha and equal to around a month of Burundi’s footprint. From another viewpoint it is equivalent to something over 1 minute of China’s annual footprint or about equal to the anual footprint of about 900 US citizens.

All very confusing, but does it make sense for 25 000 people to travel, which is the major source of emissions, to “the other end of the world” to discuss how to reduce emissions? What would be the carbon footprint as well as the effectivity of doing this by alternate means of communication. Click on the following to find Emissionen im Unternehmen reduzieren: Die 6 besten Tipps im Überblick. PS just for those who might wonder, my very simplistic view of a carbon footprint and why we look at it is:

  • The carbon footprint is a quantitative measure of gasses released into the atmosphere that create a greenhouse effect
  • The greenhouse effect results in a rise in the atmosphere’s temperature 
  • A rising atmospheric temperature has many effects including more variable weather, water level rise and changes in farming environment 
  • These effects are negative for the future of the world
A previous DIGIVU post, reported a clever graphics which presented the carbon footprint of a number of foods in a graphical form. Have a look at this, it’s really informative.

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