Opportunities in Heat Transfer Research in Composite Food Products.

In a previous post we covered General Mill’s Innovation Network which is aimed at brining partners into their company’s research system.

Now an interesting call from General Mills has made it into the press.

Innovation System Webpage addressing hot/cold microwave research options

from: General Mills Innovation System
(click image for full story online)

Besides being able to pass the opportunity on to those of our subscribers who might be interested in microwave/food interactions, I find it interesting what the call tells about General Mills product strategy.

The research is into the development of packaging and food grade edible materials which can reflect microwaves and a solution that can block conductive heat transfer between adjacent hot and frozen components of a food. Combining and alternating such layers would in my view allow the construction of a microwavable Gâteau Norvégien. This, which I guess is what the USA calls Baked Alaskan, is a cake filled with ice cream that is traditionally flambéed before eating. With the technology in place I suspect there are all sorts of other possibilities!

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