Long Life Dairy, Food and Beverage Products – Free Online Technical Manual

Reputable equipment manufacturers, especially the multi national ones are repositories of the state of the art process and equipment technology in the areas in which the work. This information is available to their customers during the installation of plant and is sometimes published and available to the public.

A case in point is the APV White Paper on Long Life Dairy, Food and Beverage Products.

View of information on tubular sterilisers in APV Long Life Dairy, Food and Beverage Products White Paper

from: APV
(click image for full story online)

The white paper covers a wide range of information both from a theoretical, process and equipment viewpoint.

The outline below indicates the content of the paper but not the content which is broad including for instance 6 other process technologies with the tubular steriliser described above. While the information is of course in line with APV’s processes and equipment, it still gives a good overview of the Long Life Dairy sector.

  • Introduction to long life dairy, food and beverage products
  • Microbiology
  • Process classification
  • Process evaluation
  • Choosing the right process
  • Various aseptic UHT systems
  • The Pure-Lac process
  • Comparison between different systems
  • Process controls
  • Product development
  • This is really worthwhile information and APV should be credited with sharing it.

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