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Frozen Food Overview – Free Online Information

This 28 page document is the Food Vision of the British Frozen Food Industry.

from: British Frozen Food Industry
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Although the document considers the British industry it is packed with information that would be of value to anyone, anywhere considering entering the frozen food market.

There are detailed sections on market, technology & quality, sustainability & social and nutrition. The report has large lists of references.

Possibly as would be expected from a Frozen Food Association they are very positive about the future of the industry.

Interesting Engineering Approach To Sustainable, Passive Fruit & Vegetable Cooling.

Here is the design specification for short term food preservation for Pabal farmers as drawn up by an investigation team that included the University of Cambridge and Engineers Without Borders. Interestingly the need was very similar to what many before them had identified.

Short Term Food Preservation - engindia.jpg

from: Eng India
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They have though, identified the advantage of a solution which does not involve running costs and the need for low cost solutions.

Their report is informative and selects a combination of solar chimney and underground cooling pipe as the technology that would meed the specification developed.


from: Eng India
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This has been described and analysed in the above report. However, the rigorous theoretical engineering approach has not yet provided a suitable solution, mainly because of the limited experimental data collected to date. The temperature drop achievable with the passive solar chimney is only 2 degrees and forces the author to recommend a battery powered fan which increases the cost and runs the risk of introducing an unsustainable running cost.

It will be interesting to follow this project and see the progress and the solution that arises from this kind of rigorous approach.