John F Marshall – Small Scale Equipment Manufacturer

John F Marshall is active in offering small enterprise equipment in sub saharan Africa.

Suppliers Website

Food processing equipment manufactured by John F Marshall.jpg

(Click the image to visit the website)


The image above, from their website, shows only 5 of the machines they offer.

Dave Cole, who was involved in Rutec the successful small business development company, is head technical and sales manager and brings a design and construction focus. They even offer to design machine to their clients specifications/needs.

This site is well worth visiting and bookmarking.


3 thoughts on “John F Marshall – Small Scale Equipment Manufacturer

  1. ananda

    I want to purchase asmall scale bathies manufactureing maching as a domestic industry, could you pl, let me know all the details pertaing to the above machine along with all details such as production capacity fob price etc,etc,

  2. ananda

    I am seeking all the information with regared to the bathies production as a domestic industry. please send me the f o b price production capacity per hour and the material which use for the production please trat this as urgent along withe worrenty. etc

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