How I’ll be communicating!

There was sadly not much response to my email asking what you would like me to post! I am going to be arogant enough to assume you love everything I do! You do don’t you? So the image for this post is an HDR I took in the Drakensburg a few months ago.

So I am going to be carrying on like I was, but maybe with a bit moreof my non food processing interests. But please let me know if there is seting more you would like to see.

I hope to be adding things a bit more frequently. For instance I am blogging and adding extracts from other peoples web based food processing information/news which I think might be interesting. This is stuff I probably won’t be blogging on.

You can find this at SAFPP African news story a day blog and getting my comment and a link to the blog through Twitter by following daveharcourt.

I will also be doing more blogging and information management from my iPhone.

But don’t forget I want to be providing what you want!

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