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What Should I be Publishing?


Here is your opportunity to tell me what you would like me to be publishing here! Please email me here – or simply make a comment at the end of the post. Everyone who makes an input can supply me with information, which will be posted on – what about using this as an advert?

You will have noticed I’ve been posting a bit more of non food processing bits and a bit slower in the last while – but remember you can access the information in many ways.

1) Remember though you can look at particular types of posts by going down to the bottom left and clicking a category, or even by entering an expanded URL.

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2) You can search the site/blog from the the “Search Just The Blog” google search box.

3) Scan bookmarks I make to interesting articles under “STORIES NOT POSTED” to the left or in more detail from News buttons in the top menu.

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5) You can also watch other of my channels like Facebook & twitter although I need more feedback on whether these are at all useful.



Apple – Misleading Advertising Again

Again Apple is publishing misleading advertising on its South African website. The clips below shows all the things supposedly available through iTunes.


Apple (South Africa) - Apple-1.jpg

from: Apple South Africa
(click image to visit the site)




from: iTunes Info on Apple SA
(click image to visit the site)


But as the following image shows if you register in South Africa and you can’t do much else because you need a bank account with an in country address when you try and register for an account in another country. Yes the options are App Store & iTunes U only! And thats not even to mention that there is no games acatagory in the App Store!


So when can we expect Apple to advertise honestly and more importantly, give up proper access!


First of Time’s Top Ten Scientific Discoveries of 2008

I have always laughed at cranky John Dvorak letting himself get annoyed by Top N lists where only a few of the N items actually correctly and accurately match the lists tittle.


1. Large Hadron Collider - Top 10 Scientific Discoveries - TIME-1.jpg

from: TIME
(click image for full story online)


That was until I saw this one – the failed Hadron collider the top Scientific Discovery of 2008? maybe only at how fruitlessly we can spend Billions!