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In a previous post I gave information about an online book on Unit Operations in Food Processing that had been published by the New Zealand Institute of Food Science . To me this was a very informative and useful book on the engineering aspects of food processing.


Creating New Foods. The Product Developer_s Guide - Mary D. Earle and Richard L. Earle.jpg

from: NZIFST
(click image for full story online)


Now another book by the same authors, Mary and Richard Earle, on the formulation of new food products has been published on line.

This appears to be just as useful as the previous volume. The issues covered in the books seven chapters are:

    • The product development project in the company
    • The organisation of the product development project
    • Product strategy development: idea generation and screening
    • Product strategy development: product concepts and design specifications
    • Product design and process development
    • Product commercialisation
    • Product launch and evaluation

The book has many case studies, examples and exercises.

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