Practical Information on High Pressure Processing (HPP)

This article in Food & Beverage Reporter, gives more practical information on HPP than I’ve seen for a long time.


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from: Food & Beverage Reporter
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The article described Avure’s HPP technology that generates the extreme pressures (up to 600 MPa/87,000 psi) which improves food safety and extends shelf life through the inactivation of foodborne pathogens and spoilage organisms in packaged foods. However, it retains the fresh or just-prepared characteristics without causing changes in nutrition, colour or texture.

Product is packed in its final consumer package or a bulk package, and loaded into a cylindrical load basket. The basket is placed in a water-filled pressure vessel where temperature and pressure are controlled.On an amortised basis, HPP processing is likely to cost around R1/kg of food product.


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