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Free Food Science & Nutrition Information

Food Advisory Consumer Services (FACs) say that their site “is primarily intended for consumers and other interested parties seeking balanced and scientifically correct information on some of the many contentious and emotive issues which perennially appear in the media.”


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from: FACS
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The tone maybe shows that they are very much the voice of science and not much interested in what people experience and anything alternative. This doesn’t suit me very well as I am able to detect MSG in food by quite a violent reaction – which their article very much dismisses!

But still there is good information in the articles they have written and posted as well as in their list of links. So I recommend them!

Practical Information on High Pressure Processing (HPP)

This article in Food & Beverage Reporter, gives more practical information on HPP than I’ve seen for a long time.


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from: Food & Beverage Reporter
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The article described Avure’s HPP technology that generates the extreme pressures (up to 600 MPa/87,000 psi) which improves food safety and extends shelf life through the inactivation of foodborne pathogens and spoilage organisms in packaged foods. However, it retains the fresh or just-prepared characteristics without causing changes in nutrition, colour or texture.

Product is packed in its final consumer package or a bulk package, and loaded into a cylindrical load basket. The basket is placed in a water-filled pressure vessel where temperature and pressure are controlled.On an amortised basis, HPP processing is likely to cost around R1/kg of food product.


IUFoST Call For Abstracts

Everything in South Africa is focussed on 2010!



from: IUFoST
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This includes Food Science and Technology as SAAFoST hosts the International Union For Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) 15th World Congress in Cape Town in August.

The first call for papers is now out and submissions can be made online.

Free Broad Technology Information Source

HYFOMA (European Network for the Manufacture of Hygenic Food) maintains a site which aims to centralise and coordinate literature from food equipment manufacturers.


Food Processing Equipment and manufacturing knowledge portal -

from: HYFOMA
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The website is funded by food equipment manufactures and states that it intends to capture all available information but seems to be still in the process.

Articles range from full reviews eg Ohmic & Induction Heating for Microbial Inactivation to pretty simple outlines. Articles are basically focussed on products or technologies.

Although this site is still building and you may find articles that are notyet available or only in a foreign language, its still worth a look as its such a large source of free information.



African Food Processing Company – Cotton Seed Processors (Pty) Ltd

Cotton Seed Processors (Pty) Ltd is part of the Clark Cotton Group of Companies and was commissioned in April 1999.

The extraction plant is situated at Mokopane in the Limpopo Province and is ideally situated for exports to Africa and the import of African raw materials.

The plant was erected to add economic value to cotton seed derived from the Ginning Process by extracting oil from the seed. The versatility of the plant enables the processing of both Cotton and Sunflower Seed allowing it to run year round.



from: Cotton Seed Processors
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This is a really interesting site as it presents a lot of good information on processing, products and byproducts in the sector. For instance there’s a great overview of the process at