HOWTOPEDIA – Free Information and Plans on how to Process Food and do Many Other Things

This free online wiki gives practical instructions for a range of activities including food processing. Those who know the information that Practical Action supply will find that they know most of this but its still of interest as a reference.


FOOD PROCESSING - Howtopedia - english.jpg

(click image for full story online)


The food processing section contains around 60 articles under the headings:

    • Food Hygiene
    • How to Cook Efficiently with Little Fuel
    • How to Process Food
    • What to do with Fruit Waste
    • How to Store/ Preserve Food
    • Preserving
    • Food Processing Equipment

Also interesting is a section titled What to do With…. which could be used by the potential entrepreneur who has identified a resource. An example of this for Shea Nuts is given in the next post. This also shows the format of the information supplied.


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