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HOWTOPEDIA – Free Information and Plans on how to Process Food and do Many Other Things

This free online wiki gives practical instructions for a range of activities including food processing. Those who know the information that Practical Action supply will find that they know most of this but its still of interest as a reference.


FOOD PROCESSING - Howtopedia - english.jpg

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The food processing section contains around 60 articles under the headings:

    • Food Hygiene
    • How to Cook Efficiently with Little Fuel
    • How to Process Food
    • What to do with Fruit Waste
    • How to Store/ Preserve Food
    • Preserving
    • Food Processing Equipment

Also interesting is a section titled What to do With…. which could be used by the potential entrepreneur who has identified a resource. An example of this for Shea Nuts is given in the next post. This also shows the format of the information supplied.


Tickled by Nature – Reducing Fruit Waste

This is a really good concept from Australia.

Perfectly good bananas, which have been marked or are not quite the right size or shape are classified as having been “Tickled by Nature” rather than being labeled as second grade.


tickled by nature-1.jpg

from: Fresh Plaza Website
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Tickled b Nature bananas are cheaper which is a great benefit to the consumer but still make it into the market gaining income that would otherwise have been lost.

More interestingly it is also a innovation which reduces waste and reduces environmental impact, water usage and specifically carbon emissions.