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I, as a chemical engineer, am really excited to find a book like this on line and easily usable.

The book is on SCRIBD which has been called the youtube of documents. Although posters on SCRIBD can make their posts downloadable this one does not, so you can only stream it.

The clip below tries, but fails, to show the blend between quantitativeness and practicality.



from: SCRIBD
(click image for full story online)


Rather, if you are interested in Food Processing and brining comprehensive calculation into it go and see the book.

The Chapters are titled.

    • Problem Solving Tools: Dimensions and Units, Algebraic Equations, Graphs and Coordinate Systems
    • Mass and Energy Balances: Conservation of Mass, Conservation of Energy
    • Physical Properties of Food and Biological Materials
    • Textural Properties of Food and Biological Materials
    • Fluid Flow: Fluid Characteristics, Fluid Statics, Fluid Energy Balance (Bernoulli Equation), Fluid Friction Loss, Pumps and Fans, Non-newtonian Fluids
    • Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Properties
    • Thermal Processing
    • Psychrometrics
    • Drying and Dehydration: Equilibrium Moisture Concepts, Drying Theory and Models, Drying Applications
    • Refrigeration: Equipment sizing, Refrigeration load, cooling time
    • Biological Product Preservation: Deteriorative Mechanisms, Storage Fundamentals, Thermal Sterilization and Preservation

I am not sure how this book is able to appear online, but since its there why not have a look! Either click the clip above to open in your browser or click below to stream here.

food_process_engineering_book food_process_engineering_book Vedpal Yadav


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