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Farmer Invests $15 Million in Dairy Equipment

Here is a really inspiring story of a small producer investing in a state of the art technology and getting support from the Industry – it should give us all the faith to tackle what seems out of reach.


Food Stuff SA brings you news on the latest Food Trends - Homsek delivers the dairy difference.jpg

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Basically Anton Homsec has built a dairy farm over the last eight years that now produces 20 000l and buys in 80 000 litres per day to feed his dairy that includes his latest investment in a state of the art aseptic bottle packaging plant.

The growth is based on a 2001 contract Anton secured from Woolworths, South Africa’s high end food retailer. The contract was based on a herd of Ayrshire cows that are raised and maintained without the use of any hormones. The successful marketing of this product put Homsec in the position to be able to invest R150-million in a totally new aseptic milk format for the South African market, an HDPE bottle.

Woolworths agreed to change to a bottle based system because

The international long-life milk trend is definitely in favour of plastic. The layered bottle is ideally suited to optimal UV protection, it’s recyclable, there are many decoration options and the bottles can be any shape or design. They’re also easy to open, reclose and handle; and also relatively inexpensive to produce.

The story details the suppliers of equipment and bottles and how they supported Homsec in the installation and commissioning of the plant in a farm area 20 km north of Bloemfontein.


Food & Process Engineering Technology – Free Online Information

I, as a chemical engineer, am really excited to find a book like this on line and easily usable.

The book is on SCRIBD which has been called the youtube of documents. Although posters on SCRIBD can make their posts downloadable this one does not, so you can only stream it.

The clip below tries, but fails, to show the blend between quantitativeness and practicality.



from: SCRIBD
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Rather, if you are interested in Food Processing and brining comprehensive calculation into it go and see the book.

The Chapters are titled.

    • Problem Solving Tools: Dimensions and Units, Algebraic Equations, Graphs and Coordinate Systems
    • Mass and Energy Balances: Conservation of Mass, Conservation of Energy
    • Physical Properties of Food and Biological Materials
    • Textural Properties of Food and Biological Materials
    • Fluid Flow: Fluid Characteristics, Fluid Statics, Fluid Energy Balance (Bernoulli Equation), Fluid Friction Loss, Pumps and Fans, Non-newtonian Fluids
    • Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Heat Exchangers, Thermal Properties
    • Thermal Processing
    • Psychrometrics
    • Drying and Dehydration: Equilibrium Moisture Concepts, Drying Theory and Models, Drying Applications
    • Refrigeration: Equipment sizing, Refrigeration load, cooling time
    • Biological Product Preservation: Deteriorative Mechanisms, Storage Fundamentals, Thermal Sterilization and Preservation

I am not sure how this book is able to appear online, but since its there why not have a look! Either click the clip above to open in your browser or click below to stream here.

food_process_engineering_book food_process_engineering_book Vedpal Yadav


How To Brew Beer According To GEA

GEA the multination food and brewing equipment company has a sophisticated presentation of how beer is brewed.


How to make_ beer.jpg

from: GEA
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The presentation consists of 17 pages which represent Unit Operations in the brewing process. Each page has short and simple text explaining the process, clickable animations of processes, photographs of real equipment, links to suppliers and often a link to related expanded information.

The presentation is controlled through forward and backward links or a flowsheet like summary of the brewing process.

Although this is of course a tool to advertise GEA and its business it is informative and gives a view of the state of the art in brewing.


South Africa – Apple Orphans?

I have often complained about Apple, iTunes and the App Store in South Africa.

We pay more for our iPhone and get practically nothing! We are unable to communicate easily with Apple and it seems like the local representatives are not much better informed.

This clip of the countdown to 1 billion apps downloads really illustrates the point well, at least on the App Store side!

clip from South African app store



Yes that’s right the most downloaded free application in South Africa is bubblewrap! and Powerboat Challenge the most downloaded paid app. Not because of the limit of our dexterity or intellect but because we do not have a games category in the App Store!

Please Apple!


We also don’t have any other iTunes content – only the crippled app store and the 8GB 3G iPhone costs US$ 540! I sometimes wonder why they manage to sell!


International Food Science & Technology Congress – SA 2010

Its not only the World Cup that we are waiting for in 2010, there is also the 15th World Congress of Food Science and Technology.


IUFoST 2010 - The 15th World Congress of Food Science and Technology.jpg

from: IUFoST 2010
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The Congress is being held under the auspices of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) from 22nd – 26th August 2010

The South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) is hosting this prestigious congress.

Organic Food Sales Slump – What of Other High Cost Trendies?

As this Blog said but some people tried not to see, the sales of organic foods have slumped drastically in the UK, falling a fifth in a year.


Sales of organic food slump by up to 30 per cent - News, Food & Drink - The Independent.jpg

from: The Independent
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Actually this was inevitable but the question it raises is what of the other trends in the Food Industry that cost extra such as

    • convenience foods
    • nutriceuticals
    • ethical foods such as FAIRTRADE


Spore – Free Online Food Processing Information

Spore is the monthly publication of CTA, an ACP-EU institution working in the field of information for development, that focusses on smaller scale agricultural production and post harvest operations.


Spore - N° 139 - February 2009.jpg

from: CTA
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The February edition included short articles on Top schemes for women and ICTs, Reviving maize, “I like local milk!”, Easier organic trade, Sweet cactus, Better baby food, Detecting foot-and-mouth disease, Miraculous papaya, Cassava crackers for export, Useful waste, Careful reforesting, Cooking with jatropha oil and No sting in the tail. These short articles are only around 150 words, but have contact details to allow follow up. Each edition also contains longer articles and publication reviews.

The information is generally of a high level, simple and well presented while still being real and useful.

As well as the latest edition being available for download online there is a archive of all editions available from the website. There is also the opportunity to subscribe to receive spore by email and in print format. There is also the possibility of searching Spore along with many other sources at Anarcy CTA’s Virtual Resource Centre.


Free Online African Food Science Journal

Here is another free source of Food Science literature.


African Journal of Food Science. March 2009 3(3).-2.jpg

from: African Journal of Food Science
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This seems to be a source of papers of high standards on Africa specific topics. The topics covered in this the latest edition are:

    • Quality of fufu processed from cassava mosaic disease (CMD) resistant varieties
    • Trials towards reduction of fungal growth and aflatoxin G1 production in Arabic coffee using different additives
    • Antibacterial effects of extracts of Ocimum gratissimum and piper guineense on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus
    • Stability studies and mineral concentration of some Nigerian packed fruit juices, concentrate and local beverages