Advertising Claims in 2008

Once agin its interesting to look at what claims have been made by new product launches in 2008.


Natural comes out top in new product claims 2008.jpg

from: Food & Drink Europe
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Mintel, who derived the results from their Global New Products Database, found that globally 23 % of all new products launched made natural claims lower than the high of 36 % in the UK.

While products claiming added nutrients appeared on only 5% of new products (much down on 2007) those claiming to have some component reduced (eg fat, calories) represented 18%.

This can be interpreted to mean that natural is a new focus of those looking for healthy living, with lest emphasis on additives and reduced foods.

‘Convenience’ and ‘ethical and environmental’ appeared on only 12 and 5 % of new products respectively highlighting the need for innovative natural products,

I doubt that this applies in African markets and present it as maybe a indication of what the future could hold.

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