Low Carbon, Organic Wine.

Amazing story of how Tetra Pak gets into the higher end of the wine industry by playing on climate change and environmental issues.


Yellow + Blue Wines Expands Its Use of Sustainable Tetra Pak Cartons _ TreeHugger.jpg

from: Tree Hugger
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The non returnable glass bottle with a cork is the traditional container for selling wine. In the past the bag in a box and aseptic cartons have been introduced to try and reduce the cost.

But now we have graphically exciting cartons used to deliver organic wine with a low carbon footprint! If that is not a niche market I am not sure what is.

A study by by Franklin Associates (financed by Tetra Pak but carried out used standard methods) showed that whereas a 1l Prisma carton emitted 172 g/litre of wine a while a glass bottle emitted 870 g/litre.

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