More Organic Foods in the Food Crisis

In a previous post I looked at some UK & US information that focussed on the expenditure of consumers on organic foods as the food crisis pinched with price rises.

Now Food Processing reports on a spending survey of over 1 000 consumers.


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from: Food Processing
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The survey which was actually to see how people handled the recession rather than just to look at the effect of the food crisis, it found that over a half spent less on Organic Foods.

Some other findings were

    • Nearly half (44 percent) of U.S adults report their diets are becoming less healthy as food prices rise.
    • Two-thirds (66 percent) are cutting back on overall spending
    • 90 percent are considering opting for a simpler life.
    • 43 percent are spending more consumer electronics including flat-screen TVs and video games to save on out of home entertainment


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