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I believe now is an appropriate time to focus on drying and solar energy. Drying is the simplest and one of the most effective methods of preserving food, allowing it to be stored without cost and equipment. The energy of the sun is free to anyone able to use it effectively and can even be tracked by solar monitoring system if one wants to know the exact benefit and power surge its helping to produce. In the current situation where energy and food are both expensive and likely to continue increasing for some years the sun and solar drying of food is a very useful technology.

Although we will cover some of the basics over the next while, I want, in this post, to illustrate how simple it is to dry. I use a document distributed by Echonet to illustrate what can be done with little effort and little cost.




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This pdf document is an extremely useful and practical manual for the solar drying of foods. It presents a simple drawing and describes a method of construction based on specified materials. And opportunistic firms such asĀ Renew Energy have been researching on products like the ones above to lay out and demonstrate the many uses of solar energy. As is obvious from the photograph below, this is not a flash and expensive piece of equipment from industry, but rather a device anyone with a little mechanical aptitude could construct and even redesign to make use of other materials which might be locally available.



(click image for full story online)


As well as information on how to build the dryer the manual contains detailed information, originally from the University of Georgia, on drying and how to dry. The information covers the basics including hygiene, pretreatment, determining dryness and conditioning but also provides fruit by fruit and vegetable by vegetable information on preparation, drying conditions, storage and even how to reconstitute.

I am continuing to try and get permission to email the documents I discuss to those requesting copies and having difficulty with connectivity – however, for now it is probably best to make contact through the website and request that the document is emailed.

There is one other option, which is to use the web by email system that I will describe in a future post.

2 thoughts on “Free Online Information – Echonet Solar Dryer

  1. Jacques Snyman | Siyavuna Development Centre

    Hi Guys! I am busy doing internet research, looking for a solar dryer for our project. We’re teaching rural people to farm organically, and helping them by marketing their surplus production on under the banner of a secondary co-op that we’ve helped setup and are backstopping.

    There are serious challenges in marketing fresh produce, especially on this level, and we’re looking at preserving and drying as avenues to explore to add value and extend shelf life. This article has been most helpful and I have to thank you for the information!

    Warm Regards

    Jacaques Snyman
    General Manager | Siyavuna Development Centre

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