Enterprise Costing Web2.0

The second way I think we can use Web 2.0 to develop food processing enterprises in Africa (see post on first tool) is to use cloud based spreadsheets to support some of the mechanical parts of enterprise management.

The first of these I offer is Version 1 of an enterprise calculator.

DavesEnterpriseCalculator - Google Docs-3.jpg

spreadsheet by Dave Harcourt
(Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License)


At present if you click on the image above you will be taken to the calculator and will be able to use it. You will probably need to have a Google account to this, but is free and easy to do if you don’t have one. There is also a window that allows you to send a comment on the spreadsheet, so its a tool for developing spreadsheets.

Its possible that this will not be practical – too many people fiddling – in which case I will make it view only so that you will need to email me here to get either an offline copy or to set up your own online Google spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet was originally written for organisations wanting to give their extension officers the ability to pass the calculator on to entrepreneurs to allow them to cost their businesses. Its for this reason that their are lists of cost items that are used to construct the costing. This helps the entrepreneur to be sure he has added all necessary costs. The data here (the grey areas in the spreadsheet) is therefore set up for use in costing related businesses.

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