Ghanian Government Launches Composite Flours

Several articles in Ghanian newspapers refer to the 25th June launch of a composite cassava/maize flour. It is Manufactured by Women in Agriculture Development of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The Statesman _ Business _ Cassava, maize composite flour launched.jpg

from: The Statesman
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Cassava, maize composite flour launched _ The Ghanaian Journal - News - Sports- Business - Videos - Entertainment - Profiles.jpg

from: The Ghanian Journal
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The articles tend to imply that the maize/cassava composite can be used to make bread on its own. However, any baker knows that wheat flour is necessary to make any raised bread and that only a few percent of other starch materials can be substituted for flour if the bread is not to taste different.

What I find more interesting is that this is a government initiative – do you think that such an approach has a real chance of success?

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