French Retail Foods – Observations 1

I am in France for a few months and have already been surprised by a number of differences between South African and French food products. Some really nice and different products are on the shelves, many showing the deep commitment of the French to food and eating!

I intend blogging every now and again on a particular product or issue.

On my first visit to a supermarket I came across these apple juices packed in a longlife glass format that were novel and attractive.


A closer look at the front label shows that there are a range of juices, depending on apple variety that vary between doux (sweet) and tonique (sharp). The juices are clearly not totally clarified, have a natural colour and are packed in 1l bottles.

Apple Juice front label.jpg

A look at the back label shows that these are pure pressed apple juices without added sugar, preservatives or colourants. Nature de Pomme state that there processing involve traceability and the application of quality control.

The obvious deposit in the bottles is explained as being a natural deposit which should be handled by shaking before opening.

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Apple Juice deposit.jpg

This is obviously a premium quality product for the “natural” consumer, although it is not an organic product.

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